Christopher W. Malcolm



I APPROACH coaching with a tremendous zeal! Years of experience gained both on and off the track have taught me how to produce excellence in my athletes through the skillful application of wisdom and knowledge.

Thirteen of my more than fifteen years as the Assistant Director of Special Services at the Children’s Village, (a residential treatment center for troubled boys in Dobbs Ferry, New York), were spent serving as Head Track and Field Coach.

I also worked as Assistant Head Track & Field Coach for New Horizon Track Club of New York from 1996 thru 1999. I founded the New Horizon Track Club of Georgia in 2000 and was its Head Track & Field Coach for thru 2005.

My aim is to provide youngsters an opportunity to compete at the highest levels of competition while developing and refining their individual talents on as well as off the track. It is with this philosophy, an intense passion, and a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am able to bring success to those that I worked with throughout the years.

Some of the athletes I have had the privilege to work with include: